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North Campus Open Space (NCOS) extends 2.25 miles along the Ellwood-Devereux coast and connects several existing preserved properties including the City of Goleta’s Sperling Preserve at Ellwood Mesa and UCSB’s South Parcel and Coal Oil Point Reserve. The NCOS site features 136 acres of restored and preserved coastal open space featuring trails and boardwalks for public access and passive recreation. It is regularly used for teaching, research, and community outreach. Restoration and preservation of wetlands and other habitat along Devereux Creek is the primary focus for the property.

Parking: Public parking is available for free in the lot next to the trailhead. Up to 4 hours, No overnight parking allowed.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed but must remain on leash. Please pickup after your pet.

Bikes: Bikes are allowed on most sections of this trail. Please lookout for signs on the trail about biking.

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